Day Care

Emunah Day Care Centres are an important part of everyday life for many Israeli families, some of whom are unable to care for their children throughout the day, perhaps due to illness or drug addiction. Read more

Educational Services

Emunah operates unique educational facilities for girls, combining general studies with Torah education. Read more

Family Support

Emunah’s Family Support Centres provide therapeutic support to help families so that children are not taken ‘into care’. Working with expert social workers and counsellors, parents are shown the most basic of parenting skills and the children are cared for by trained Emunah staff. Read more

Therapy and Counselling

Emunah has always been sensitive to Israel's pressing social-welfare needs, and as a result has always been at the forefront to meet Israel's social problems. Read more

Residential Care

British Emunah supports three residential homes, providing shelter for boys and girls from infancy to 18 years old, because their parents lack the capability to raise them. Read more