Emunah Day Care Centres are an important part of everyday life for many Israeli families. Some of these families may be unable to care for their children throughout the day due to illness, job insecurity or drug dependency.

Nowadays many families find that both parents need to work to provide the basic necessities for their families. Our day care centres provide a safe, warm and stimulating environment where babies and children are nurtured and well-fed. Emunah pinpoints areas of social and economic deprivation and aims to provide support wherever necessary. Emunah prides itself on its ability to move with the times, modernising where necessary, and spotting the changing and growing needs within communities. In total there are 111 Day Care Centres and 9 Multi-Purpose Day Care Centres caring for 6,800 children. Listed below are the centres British Emunah supports. 

The Lesley Gerstler Day Care Centre - Nacham

Built in 1991 refurbished in 2008.

Beit Lady Brodie Complex with the british Emunah Day Care Centre - Netanya

Built in 1988

Other Day Care Centres

Irene & Donald Weinberg day Care Centre - Akko

Nahum Ze'ev & Fanny Williams Day Care Centre - Pisgat Ze'ev

Beit Hilda Day Care Centre - Petach Tikva

Joseph Wineman Multi-purpose Day Care Centre - Be'er Sheva

Miriam Latner Day Care Centre - Modi'in

Beit Bondt with the Joan Melinek Day Vare Centre - Netivot

Rose Williams Day Care Centre - Netanya

Amelie Jakobovits Day Care Centre - Netanya

Bertha Grodzinski Webber day Care Centre - Kiryat Gat

Martha Miriam Hubert Day Care Centre -Rish LeZion

Beit Sarah Complex with the Hilda & Sam Marks Day Care Centre - Jerusalem