Necha Sara Wolfson Vocational High School for Girls

Established in 1971 , this high school accommodates 500 girls specialising in areas such as biomedical engineering, sciences, computer programming, media and communications - films & TV, art-graphic design, modern dance and music.

For the 420 pupils currently attending the school, the classrooms cater to 19 girls per room. The pupils are encouraged to get involved in community activities and volunteer in their neighbourhood.

"You've saved our daughters" were the words of an emotional mother, speaking at a moving Beit Weinstein graduation ceremony. "She was in pieces, you didn't give up on her. Words are insufficient to express thanks and appreciation"

Beit Weinstein with the Doris and Bertie Black Training School - Bnei Brak

Built in 1990, this school provides a practical education for girls with social, emotional and learning difficulties. The school dispenses training in subjects such as fashion design, business management and computer skills.