The Sarah Ronson Crisis and Intervention Centre - Sderot

This centre, originally built in 2007, now has a new state of the art home giving long term support and counselling to residents of Sderot and the surrounding areas coping with the trauma and after-effects of life under fire. It provides much needed support and a 24 hour helpline for those too afraid to leave their homes. It is hoped that one day, when there is peace in the area, the building will be used as a Day Care Centre.

Every attack on Sderot brings with it physical and emotional devastation. The damage caused by each missile reaches homes and schools, as children and adults are forced to accept a life of fear, anxiety and uncertainty.  Today there are numerous professional staff members and there are more than 300 clients (weekly) receiving crucial support from the centre. This includes children, parents and other family members as the need arises.

The cooperation with the municipal and professional frameworks continues, and new joint projects are planned.

We have now started the building work on the new Centre which will be a modern facility where our therapists will be able to help even more clients.  

The Guggy Grahame Centre for the Prevention of Violence in the Family - Tiberias

A therapy centre built in 1991 serving Tiberias and surrounding areas. The centre provides specialist care and counselling support for those at risk and suffering violence in the home.

Doris & Bertie Black Therapy Centre - Afula

A purpose-built  therapy centre, established in 1991, on the campus of the Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre, specialising in the individual, family and parenting therapies.