Sarah Herzog Children's Centre - Afula

Emunah's first residential home was built in 1943 for children whose families had perished in the Holocaust.  Today it is a residential and day facility for the treatment of children at risk and their families.

Over 70 children at rist between the ages of nine and 18 reside full time at the Home's residential campus. In addition there are day care intervention programmes which are attended by 105 needy children who continue to live at home.

Recently in a number of instances the Emunah centre was called upon by Child Services to take children in on an emergency basis.  Immediate protection is provided for those at risk while their personal and family situation are evaluated and permanent arrangements are made.

Neve Landy Children's Village - Even Shmuel

Built in 2003 as a residential home for 48 severely disturbed and dysfunctional boys who cannot be cared for in any other residential home, this complex provides a home for traumitised children, from accross the entire religious spectrum.

For each boy there is an individual proggramme of study, counselling, therapy and enrichment specially designed to meet their particular needs.  Neve Landy requires a counsellor who can watch ove children at night.  This is especiall required to prevent children from "wandering" into the beds of others leading to inappropriate behaviour.

Beit Esther, Balint Complex at Beit Elazraki Children's Home - Netanya

Built in 1997 this home provides a home for girls between the ages of 14-18 who are still unable to return to their families.  Many of these young women have progressed and made careers for themselves by going to university and have married and now bringing up their own children in the loving environment they have experienced with Emunah.