Why was Saturday 13/04/2024 different from all other nights?

Instead of getting ready for bed, Israelis got ready to run to their bomb shelters.

'Go-go' bags are packed with essentials like food, water, tourniquets, phone chargers and even passports.

Whatever their age; from a Holocaust survivor to a newborn baby. Nobody slept.

Why? For fear of not know whether they would survive the night?

What effect would Iran's bombardment have on their future?

The mental and emotional health, distress, and trauma that Emunah's families are suffering is immense and will be on-going for years to come.

Emunah staff are there supporting many people that pass through our doors needing therapeutic counselling services.

Your support continues to provide Emunah with these vital and necessary services.

This Pesach, we urgently need your support to continue to provide critical therapy sessions, crisis interventions,  and a safe haven for children and families who have been traumatised or displaced by the attacks.