Denice's Yam Le Yam Trek

Denice Golend

Emunah is often the first port of call for vulnerable children and their families. By supporting them, they have a chance of a better future.

Sharon's Birthday Moment of Madness!

Sharon Dewinter

I'm doing a challenge. Normally it's Justin who does them but turning 50 I felt I wanted to do one for myself too. In a moment of madness I decided to do the Yam le Yam trek at the end of October for Emunah. To be honest I hate exercise, in fact I don't even like it and this is going to prove a really big challenge for me. There will be no 5* hotel at the end of each day with a lovely massage, (maybe that's my real challenge!) . I'm sure you won't believe that I will even do it but I will.

Marilyn Dexter & Anne Ozdamar - Yam Le Yam Trek

Tracey Benn

Just when we thought our sponsored walking days were behind them, Emunah decided to arrange another challenge, this time in Israel!!