While the world reels in disbelief and heartbreak over the October 7th attack, the people of Sderot and the surrounding areas near the border of Gaza, are experiencing unequivocal trauma that will reverberate for generations. More Jewish lives were lost on a single day than at any other time since the Holocaust. Emunah is on the frontline of the psychological war. 

We must be there for them right now and need to raise at least £250,000 to provide four key provisions:

·       Immediate specialist trauma therapy - £180,000

·       Enrichment activities for children unable to attend school - £40,000

·       Additional high-level security - £30,000

Additional amount for provision of food - £25,000

The Emunah Sarah Ronson Crisis and Intervention Centre is an ongoing beacon of hope and healing for a devastated community. The centre is providing vital care for those grieving the loss of loved ones or dealing with the heart-wrenching pain of missing family members.

We urgently need your support to help us provide critical therapy sessions, crisis interventions, and a safe haven for children and families who have been displaced or traumatised by the attacks.

It is estimated that to even begin to address the trauma experienced, each person affected will require 3-4 specialist therapy sessions a week, for anything from 3 to 24 months. This equates to a cost of between £3,000 to £24,000 per person, so with hundreds of Sderot and surrounding area families needing trauma therapy, this cost could easily run into millions.

With children in our residential centres unable to attend school, we need to raise an additional £40,000 to provide respite and enrichment activities to keep them learning, active and distracted. But this figure will only be enough to see us through for the next 25 days. Like everybody, we pray that the situation will have improved before then, but none of us really knows so we have to prepare accordingly.

Although there are so many urgent requirements that need funding, our third fundraising priority for now is emergency security and communication equipment. This includes two-way radios and surveillance cameras to help protect the children, families and staff members at the centre. This will cost £30,000.

 Finally, we need funding to provide food packages to those who would normally receive their one hot meal a day at one of our centres.  For this we need an additional £25,000.

An unprecedented situation like this, requires unprecedented community support. We can’t offer enough help without you.

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