Camille Compton As you know Southern Israel has endured rocket and missile attacks for a number of years. Thousands of frightened children have spent hours in bomb shelters terrified by the sounds of rockets overhead. Thousands of anxious parents wonder when they will be able to venture out of the safe room.
The Emunah Sarah Ronson Child and Family Therapy Centre was established in 2007. The purpose of the Centre is the provision of therapeutic services to residents of Sderot and the vicinity. Unfortunately, many are under a great deal of stress due to the security situation, heightened by the proximity of Sderot to Gaza. For more than a decade, this community has been attacked by rockets and mortar shells, leaving people with 15 seconds to reach shelter. Over the years the Ronson Centre has become an extremely effective and highly respected service in the region. The needs and demand for services has grown exponentially and the Centre is now an authority on the treatment of PTSD.
The local population in Sderot and surrounding towns turn to the Emunah Centre in Sderot for the expert and professional care and support they need. Emunah's counsellors and therapists are trained to care for those suffering from PTSD, extreme anxiety and depression caused by the trauma of living with the threat of terror on a daily basis.
The centre also provides support for dysfunctional and vulnerable families, dealing with issues such as sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence and teenage delinquency.
Emunah has specialist counsellors for the many children of Sderot who have never known a time in their lives when they weren’t living in fear – fear of terror tunnels, terrorists, stabbings, rockets, fire-kites, stones and projectiles. Emunah staff work around the clock to ensure that the children and vulnerable adults of Sderot and the south receive the practical and emotional support that they need NOW.
Please remember that not all injuries are visible – Emunah is there at all times to help all those in desperate need in Sderot and the south of Israel. Emunah can only do this with your support.

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Camille Compton