Emunah's Bar & Bat Mitzvah Twinning Programme offers a wonderful chance to enhance and enrich your special Simcha, whilst helping a young person living at The Emunah Residential Sarah Herzog Children's Centre in Afula or Nevy Landy in Even Shmuel. By "Twinning" we mean giving both teenagers in the UK and in Israel a way to connect through their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs as they approach Jewish adulthood. 

Once a year Emunah holds a grand Bar & Bat Mitzvah Ceremony and Party for the children in Israel. These celebrations are funded through donations made to British Emunah, and this is how you can help. All the children in the Afula home who will turn 12 or 13 during the year take part in a yearlong programme in preparation for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. They are taken on outings, for example to the Kotel, which many have never been to before. This helps build vital self-esteem and confidence in children who have been neglected and suffered abuse.

You can contact your “Twin” and if you are visiting Israel you can meet them as well as  seeing the wonderful work that Emunah does.  We cannot guarantee that the children will get in touch with you, as sometimes they don’t find it so easy but more often than not the children gain a special connection.

If you are interested in twinning you Bar or Bat Mizvah, please complete this Twinning Form