Purim is the day on which the Jewish community celebrates their victory over the Persians destroying the Jews.

The story of Jewish resistance can be found in the Book of Esther. Haman, who was a vizier in the Persian Empire under King Ahaseurus, devised a plan to murder all the Jews.

The Purim story's protagonist is Esther, a young woman who married the Persian King to counter his evil designs of killing the Jews.

Every year Purim is observed as a holiday in the Jewish month of Adar (17th March 2022). The spend the day dancing, singing and eating good food with our loved ones.

At our Emunah centres across Israel the children and families in our care celebrate in the same way.  By purchasing our packs of 5 Purim cards you too can be a part of their celebration by ensuring they have the means to dance, sing and eat.

Let us remember Esther and her bravery this Purim and celebrate the bravery of those who Emunah cares for.

to purchase your cards please go to https://www.emunah.org.uk/shop/purim-cards

Happy Purim to all.