The new Sarah Ronson Crisis and Intervention Centre in Sderot is now officially open! 

Tami Beck, the Director, is delighted that she will now have the capacity to heal more residents in Sderot and the surrounding Southern areas who are suffering from trauma, PTSD and all forms of abuse now that the centre has more therapy rooms available.  Since opening in July Tami says that she has seen an increase for demand by 40% on a weekly basis. 

Tami and her team work tirelessly throughout the day and night (the 24 hour hotline is sponsored by British Emunah) for those that are most in need.  Even through the recent conflict, the therapists were always reachable and gave therapy from their own shelters whilst looking after their own families and keeping everyone safe and secure.  More therapists are needed and we hope to share with you shortly that they are at full capacity.