British Emunah is uniting in solidarity with our brothers and sisters on the ground. We are launching an emergency appeal to provide immediate relief and support to those who are most affected by the developing war.

At all of our Children's Homes, life has been turned upside down for the forseeable future. School has been cancelled as everyone shelters from rockets, and many of the staff have been mobilised for army service. There is an immediate need for extra staff and for activites to occupy and engage the children.

One of our primary focuses is the Emunah Sarah Ronson Crisis and Intervention Centre, located in Sderot near the border of Gaza. This centre is an ongoing beacon of hope and healing for a traumatised community and is now called to provide vital care for those grieving the loss of loved ones or dealing with the heart-wrenching pain of missing family members.

The centre will need to scale up to provide therapy sessions, crisis interventions, and a safe haven for children, women, and families who have been displaced and traumatised by the attacks.