On September 21st and 22nd September Emunah will be holding their biggest fundraiser to date dedicated to the memory of

HM Queen Elizabeth II 

Will you be a part of changing a life?  

Not all injuries can be seen.

Psychological damage may be invisible but it’s very real.

Each year, across Israel, thousands of children and families suffer from devastating socio-economic problems and many are at-risk and vulnerable. Though most of us never see this first-hand, Emunah absolutely sees the need every day, responding
and acting to improve lives wherever and whenever it can.

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd September, you can ensure that every child and family that need help will be seen and supported. All money raised will go towards the refurbishment of the Neve Landy Kitchen, providing hot meals for our high school students and after school care programme and therapies.

Donate at charityextra.com/britishemunah or call 020 8203 6066