Emunah Neve Landy located in Even Shmuel, a moshav in the south of Israel is a residential home to 75 at risk boys aged 6-18 and for many, serves as an alternative or last resort intervention for boys who would otherwise require psychiatric hospitalisation.  Emunah Neve Landy strives to provide a nurturing accepting home to all who reside or work there - both children and staff.  It constitutes a safe and protected place that allows the child to flourish and grow emotionally and cognitively.  It enables our team to work in a secure environment, confident in his or her ability to empower each of our children to fulfil his potential.

Emunah Neve Landy is a therapeutic environment that combines a stable way of life with a traditional education, instilling Israeli values and Jewish daily life practices.  Our goal is to fulfil the children's physical, cognitive, educational and emotional needs.

The maintenance and care of our campus, the children's, residences the playground and all public areas is paramount to their happiness and healthy development.

The Welfare Ministry requires Emunah Neve Landy to expand the central kitchen.  Due to a general change in guidelines, the kitchen no longer meets the current policies of the Ministry.  There is new guidance on the separation of food preparation and storage areas and many more detailed requirements to meet the new health and safety regulations.  It is important to note that all renovation plans, and equipment purchases are being done in full cooperation with the Welfare Ministry.