Mindy Wiesenberg is a past Chairman of British Emunah and has recently published a book, "Healing Pathways - A Journey Through Life's Challenges" the profits of which she is donating to the charity.  Diagnosed with cancer in 2012, Mindy spent many years undergoing gruelling treatment as the disease kept returning.  Then in the middle of it all her husband suddenly died leaving her to cope not only with illness, but bereavement too.  She explored many avenues in her quest to heal and cope with the pain and suffering she was going through.  Her journey took her from top UK and US physicians to leading mindfulness practitioners, from pharmaceutical research to macrobiotic dietitians.  Her search for answers came along also from reading a wide variety of books and looking back on her own life.  Through all of this, she began to understand that by internalising her experiences, she could achieve healing in a way she had not previously recognised.  This book, written with great sensitivity and wisdom, navigates Mindy's personal journey from illness to wellness.  It explores the many pathways that helped her to manage all areas of healing and move forward with hope and resilience, creating a better future for herself.  There is no one way to heal, but every person has within themselves the opportunity to contribute to their healing.  Mindy's wish is that Healing Pathways will help others in their own personal journey towards healing.

The book is available to order from Amazaon at: