If you are having people for dinner, instead of them bringing you a gift, why not ask them to give a donation to "Dinner Date Donate"?

Or if you would like to thank someone for having you for dinner then "Dinner Date Donate" is the perfect way to say 'Thank You'.

We will let your host know that you have kindly made a generous donation to our "Dinner Date Donate" appeal, however we will never disclose the amount that you have given.

Dinner Date Donate is an initiative set up to raise money to bring children from the Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre in Afula to London for a week’s respite. It takes a lot of planning and expense to arrange travel and wonderful activities in and around London. This is a once in a lifetime experience for children that deserve an amazing trip filled with joyous memories.

This donation will help us to make a real difference.

For more information please phone 020 8203 6066