What is mental abuse?

Jacob is a happy child until he realises its almost the end of the school day and he will need to go home.  He was a once a loving, smiling energetic boy that has become introverted and will not speak.   He has become very wary of hearing his father’s voice when he returns home.  His father makes up distressing stories and he is drained and anxious that they could be true.

“Don’t take sweets from mummy she will poison and kill you.”

“You know Jacob, your mother wants to kidnap you”.

Jacob’s response is often “Yes I know daddy and that’s why I shouldn’t speak to her.”

After dinner Jacob will go and have a shower. Even there his is unable to relax.  He is often interrupted by his father shouting frightening comments such as “Jacob don’t waste the water your mother has died”. Jacob jumps out of the shower shaking in fear asking what has happened; The response is normally “I was just joking; you were wasting too much water in the shower.”  This is often followed by Jacob’s father laughing hysterically.

We are working closely with social services to get Jacob the full support that he needs. When he is in our after school care at Afula, the last step before social services take him away from his home and put him into full time residential care, all his needs are met and he is given the love that a parent should give to their child.  Your generosity enables Jacob to heal from the abuse with extra therapy and support from Emunah’s therapists and counsellors.

Abuse occurs in all societies - religious, secular, affluent or poor - it makes no distinction. Emunah picks up the pieces to help those suffering heal and become well adjusted members of society.