In February earlier this year I visited Israel on the Emunah Mother and Daughter Tour with my Nana Marlene. We had the most life changing and enlightening experience. We visited the President's house and met the First Lady, learnt about the history of Israel and we also visited children's homes and met babies, toddlers and teenagers all of whom are supported by Emunah UK.
Seeing of all this made me want to do more to support the young people I met and so for my Bat Mitzvah Project I have decided to put together a project to raise money for Emunah. Especially as this year Emunah UK are celebrating 90 years since they were established.

Because it is 90 years of Emunah I am doing three challenges around the number 90: I am going to swim 90 lengths, bake 90 cakes and write 90 messages of positivity to children in Emunah projects in Israel.

Mia Macmull