Caring for children for more than 80 years

From modest beginnings in 1933, when Emunah was set up by a group of concerned British women to help children who had escaped Nazi persecution, Emunah has developed into a worldwide organisation that is one of the leading social welfare providers in Israel.

The development of our centres in Israel:

1949  |  Our first project, the Sarah Herzog Children’s Home was opened at Afula.

1952 |  Rose Wilner Children’s House and Edith Wolfson Sports Centre, Kibbutz Lavi

1963 |   Rose Wilner Day Care Centre, Netanya

1964 |  Day Care Centre and Kindergarten, Netivot (rebuilt and named in 1983)

1967 |  Day Care Centre, Kiryan Moshe, Jerusalem (expanded and renamed in 1987)

1967 |  Miriam Latner Day Care Centre, Tel Aviv (relocated to Modi’in in 2002)

1971 |  Vocational High School, Bnei Brak, which began in 1948 was redeveloped and named the Necha Sara Wolfson Vocational High School for Girls.
1977 |  Amelie Jakobovits Day Care Centre, Netanya

1978 |  Bertha Grodzinski Webber Day Care Centre, Kiryat Gat

1979 |  Anthony Elliott Community Centre, Kiryat Gat

1981 |  Amalia Winter Complex with the Jonathan Grosberg and Rosemary Rosenfelder (nee Jesner) Children’s Houses, Beit Rimon

1982 |  The Edith Wolfson Sports Centre, Kibbutz Lavi

1983 |  The Martha Miriam Hubert Day Care Centre and Kindergarten and the EMUNAH Community Centre for Senior Citizens donated by Hilda and Sam Marks, Rishon Le Zion

1987 |  Beit Sara Complex with the Hilda and Sam Marks Day Care Centre, and the Moss Simons Community Centre, Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem

1988 |  Beit Lady Brodie Complex with the British EMUNAH Day Care Centre and a Moadon (built with the help of Hilda and Sam Marks), Neve Sha’anan, Haifa

1990 |  Beit Weinstein with the Doris and Bertie Black Vocational Training School, and the Samuel Silverman Centre, Bnei Brak and the Lord and Lady Jakobovits Reference Library

1991 |  The Guggy Grahame Centre for the Prevention of Violence in the Family, Tiberias

1991 |  Doris & Bertie Black Therapy Centre, Afula

1991 |  The Lesley Gerstler Day Care Centre, Nacham

1991 |  Nahum Ze’ev and Fanny Williams Day Care Centre, Rosh Ha’ayin

1993 |  Beit Bondt with the Joan Melinek Day Care Centre and the Pierre and Maniusia Gildesgame Community Centre, Netivot

1994 |  Beit Hilda Day Care Centre, Petach Tikvah

1994 |  Devorah and Joseph Wineman multi-purpose Day Care Centre, Beersheva

1997 |  Balint Complex with Beit Esther at Beit Elazraki Children’s Home, Netanya

1999 |  Nahum Ze’ev and Fanny Williams Day Care Centre and Kindergarten (relocated from the original site to Pisgat Ze’ev and Rosh Ha’ayin)

2002 |  Foundation stone laid for Neve Landy, a residential Children’s Village providing facilities for special needs and therapy at Even Shmuel

2003 |  Neve Landy Children’s Village with the Leo and Guggy Grahame Therapy Centre and Special Needs Unit, Even Shmuel

2007 |  The Sarah Ronson Crisis and Intervention Centre, Sderot

2007 |  The Irene and Donald Weinberg Day Care Centre, Akko (rededicated in 2007)

2011 |  The Lady J Family Support and Day Care Centre, Akko

2012 |  The Anna Finchas Arts Centre, Afula

2014 |  Beit Ruth and Jakob Sachs – Refurbishment, Afula

2016 |  The Hilda and Sam Marks Counselling Centre, Nahariya

2016 |  Beit Tova, Even Shmuel

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