Beit Esther, Balint Complex at the Beit Elazraki Children’s Home


Beit Esther Gifts draft 2Beit Elazraki is home to 78 children between the ages of 2 and 14 who come from severely dysfunctional backgrounds where they have known only abuse and neglect. The mission of Beit Elazraki, while providing a safe warm home for these youngsters, is to break this cycle of deprivation.

On the Beit Elazraki campus British Emunah has built Beit Esther on the Balint Complex. This provides a base for these girls who at the particularly vulnerable age of 14 would otherwise have to leave Beit Elazraki, the only good home they have known.

Beit Esther girls girls resizeBuilt in 1997, Beit Esther provides a home for girls between the ages of 14 – 18 who are not able to return to their families. Once they have graduated from Beit Esther many of these young women have progressed and made careers for themselves by going to university and have married and are now bringing up their own children in the loving environment that they have experienced within Emunah.

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