Other Emunah Children’s Day Care Centres


Irene & Donald Weinberg Day Care Centre
Akko – Rededicated in 2007

Nahum Ze’ev & Fanny Williams Day Care Centre
Pisgat Ze’ev – Built in 1999Netivot

Beit Hilda day Care Centre
Petach Tikvah – Built in 1994

Joseph Wineman Multi-Purpose Day Care Centre
Be’er Sheva – Built in 1994

Miriam Latner Day Care Centre
Modi’in – Built in 1967 but relocated to Modi’in in 2002ZEL_9893

Beit Bondt with the Joan Melinek Day Care Centre
Netivot – Built in 1993

Rose Wilner Day Care Centre
Netanya – Built 1963

Amelie Jakobovits Day Care Centre
Netanya – Built in 1977

Bertha Grodzinski Webber Day Care CentreChildrensDayCare001
Kiryat Gat – Built in 1978

Martha Miriam Hubert Day Care Centre
Rishon LeZion – Built in 1983

Beit Sarah Complex with the Hilda & Sam Marks Day Care Centre
Jerusalem – Built in 1987


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