Emunah hopes to raise around £15,000 thanks to the “fantastic” efforts of nine Team Emunah runners who did the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 28 April 2019.  The team members were, Martin Bleaken, Edward Bunce, Ben Cox, Flora Frank, Gillian Gertner, Claire Gothelf, George Jackson, Marc Jackson and Matt Rickard. “We are so truly grateful to all of your incredible marathon achievements – you are true stars,” said CEO Lynda Dullop. 

George Jackson was the fastest runner finishing in 3:19:00 having also completed the Brighton Marathon in April. His brother, Marc Jackson, achieved a “personal best” finishing in 3:56:31. “It was tough, but a great experience,” said Marc Jackson. 

First-time marathon runner Martin Bleaken was “proud and relieved” to complete the 26.2-mile race for Emunah in 3:32:08.  The other first-time runners also fared well with Edward Bunce finishing in 4:27:35 feeling “glad to cross the finish line and to have raised money for Emunah in the process.” 

Emunah’s Ben Cox finished in 5:34:58 declaring: “I’ve finally done it, there’s nothing like finishing the marathon. Thank you everyone who has donated to Emunah.” Meanwhile, Matt Rickard finished in 5:19.01 – “I was very happy with my pace then heading towards Canary Wharf it got harder. The marathon was a fabulous experience, one that I will never forget.” 

Dr Gillian Gertner achieved a personal best finishing in 4:44:05 – she described the marathon as “totally brilliant, an amazing, awesome event.”  It has been seven years since the GP last ran a marathon and having recently turned 60, she wanted to prove she could still do it. 

Claire Gothelf’s ran her fourth London Marathon for British Emunah in memory of Hazel Jackson, treasurer of the Leeds Tzvia Goren Emunah group. “I did a quick half-marathon and then the last 20 km were hard work,” said Ms Gothelf, who finished in 5:25:02. “I felt so proud; I was crying with emotion.  Along the way she distracted herself watching Formula One on Sky on the Go! 

Mazal Tov to Flora Frank on her 39th marathon for Emunah and Norwood in 6:50:40. “I came back from Israel especially for the marathon and it was really worth it,” said Flora.  Meeting up with sons Richard and Gideon, she felt comforted and reminded of her beloved husband Herbert z”l, who used to meet her at the finish. She also competes in memory of her brother Nissim and Daniel Sacks. 

Flora has done 21 London marathons; 2 New York marathons, 10 Tiberias marathons, 4 Jerusalem marathons and 2 Jerusalem half marathons.  

Lynda Dullop adds: “It has been touching to know that so many people have wanted to support Emunah’s work with vulnerable and at-risk children in Israel. The  fantastic efforts of our runners and the kindness of those donating will be greatly appreciated by the children in our care.” 

If you would like to be part of Team Emunah and run the London Marathon in 2020 or take part in other British Emunah challenges please email [email protected] or call 020 8203 6066.