“Memorable, Precious Week” for the Mother & Daughters

11 March 2019 | Head Office

Senior policy advisor Shuli Davidovitch addressed British Emunah Mother and Daughter Israel trip participants at the President’s residence in Jerusalem. The briefing was an added bonus for the pre and post-Bat Mitzvah girls and their mums on the tour led by British Emunah co-vice chair Sharon Dewinter and events executive, Alison Cohen.
“It was wonderful to see the pride the mums have for their daughters as they watched them having fun, enjoying and learning from their new experiences,” comments Mrs Dewinter. “As well as going to the Kotel and places such as the Bar Kochba Caves and Beit Guvrin National Park – we visited Emunah high schools, day care centres and residential children’s homes – places that you wouldn’t normally see on a trip to Israel.”
Mrs Dewinter cited the staff at Emunah centres in Israel who were “like angels” helping to care and support children from disadvantaged backgrounds and breaking the cycle of distress.
Tour activities had also included a drama session and a chocolate making workshop.
Shelly Simons, mother of Bina, 11, said it was “special to see the work Emunah does.”
The last word goes to Sara Selby (mother of Maya, 11) who said: “We have all had the most memorable, precious week with our daughters and a fantastic group.”

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