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  • Florette Hyman 100 CLUB

    Event: Florette Hyman 100 CLUB Date: 01 April 2019

    As a former chairman of Netanyahu Edgware Group Emunah Florette’s Tzedakah Project for 2019 will be the Emunah Sarah Ronson Therapy Centre in Sderot in Israel.

    £30  Subscription to this club will automatically entitle members to enter a draw
    to win £30 each month and the possibility of winning £250 at the end of the year.

    All the sums raised by the 100 CLUB will go directly to EMUNAH for their work in Sderot.
    Thank you for making this possible.

    For further information, please call 020 8203 6066

    Terms & Conditions apply, please contact us for full details.

  • Stephen White 70th Birthday

    Event: Stephen White 70th Birthday Date: 14 April 2019

    Stephen has asked guests going to his forthcoming 70th birthday party to make a donation to Emunah instead of sending a gift. He would particularly like the proceeds raised to go to the Neve Landy Children’s Village, which has close connections to Bournemouth because of previous donors.

  • Martin Bleaken Running the London Marathon

    Event: Martin Bleaken London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    Martin has been part of several charity ‘challenge’ events previously, including “Lost”, where participants are blindfolded, driven to an unknown location & must find their way home without any cash or resource. This is his biggest challenge to date and he is looking forward to raising funds for Emunah and its projects that support so many children.

    Martin is a former national swimmer and has ran for Wiltshire at the National schools cross country championships. He hopes to beat his Mum’s London Marathon PB of 3 hours 5 minutes.

  • Ed Bunce London Marathon

    Event: Ed Bunce London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    “I’m excited to announce I’ll be running the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April 2019 in support of Emunah!”

    Although Ed has always enjoyed competing in running events, the thought of running a marathon seemed too big a task to seriously consider. However, following a half marathon in October 2018, the challenge was set and Ed now feels very fortunate to have this opportunity to positively contribute to the lives of children supported by Emunah! He is really looking forward to joining the crowd of 40,000 runners, power rangers, adults in onesies & wigs and deep-sea-diving-suit-wearers on the streets of London!

  • Ben Cox Running the London Marathon

    Event: Ben Cox Lndon Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    Ben has always wanted to run the London Marathon and this years he has decided to do it and raise money for Emunah!

    To raise money Ben is asking colleagues to contribute towards Emunah,  if they reach £100, £150 and £200 then he will be waxing different parts of his anatomy!! When reaches £150 then his colleagues will wax his chest and arms, if he reaches the £200 mark then he will be waxing chest, arms and legs.



  • Flora Frank London Marathon

    Event: Flora frank London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    Flora is a long standing supporter of Emunah, she has been running the London Marathon every year since 2006.

  • Gillian Gertner Running the London Marathon

    Event: Gillian Gertner London Marathon Date: 21 April 2019

    Gillian has run the London Marathon three times, in 2010, 2011, and 2012. She has just turned 60 and feels another marathon is due!

    Gillian is really thrilled to be running a whole marathon again



  • Claire Gothelf Running the London Marathon

    Event: Clare Gothelf London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    This will be the 4th time that Claire has travelled all the way from Leeds to run the Virgin London Marathon for Emunah, she is running to raise funds for a project in honour of the memory of the late Hazel Jackson o’h, of Leeds who passed away in Israel shortly after making Aliyah.



  • George Jackson Running the London Marathon

    Event: George Jackson London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    George is a experienced marathon runner, this year he has chosen to run the Virgin Money London Marathon for Emunah. George is also running alongside his brother Marc Jackson.

  • Marc Jackson Running the London Marathon

    Event: Marc Jackson London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    Marc is an expert on running the London Marathon, this is his 4th Marathon and his 3rd time running for Emunah.  This year Marc will also be running with his brother George.

  • Matt Rickard Running the London marathon

    Event: Matt Rickard London Marathon Date: 28 April 2019

    Since learning about Emunah and having worked with some amazing and lovely people within the charity Matt felt compelled to do something to show his support and fondness for a charity that has deeply resonated with him. As a father to Hugo and Toby, two very lucky boys and to think of all the exquisite Bar and Bat Mitzvahs that he caters for it is heart breaking to think of the children who live such vulnerable and endangered lives that Emunah work so hard to support.

    Please support Matt to support Emunah so that together we can bring joy and safety to more children’s lives. Running the Virgin London Marathon is going to be quite a challenge for him but one that he will relish. It seems that 20 years of events and catering surround by food and drink has taken its toll so he’s got quite a bit of training to be getting on with as well as the 26 miles on the day. He looks forward to your support and encouragement.



  • Marilyn Dexter & Anne Ozdamar – Yam Le Yam

    Event: Marilyn Dexter & Anne Ozdamar Yam Le Yam Date: 28 October 2019

    Just when they thought their sponsored walking days were behind them, Emunah decided to arrange another challenge, this time in Israel. How could Marilyn and Anne resist the allure of 4 days walking in Galilee, from the Kinneret to the Mediterranean, with the added bonus of visiting some of the Emunah projects that they have been raising money for over the years?
    They are proud to once again represent Bournemouth; please support their efforts.

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