A child brought up with poverty, neglect or abuse may not know anything different.  For them this is just “normal”.

A neglected child doesn’t receive attention, love or nurturing.  Most don’t get the basics of proper food, clothing, shelter, education or medical care.

For thousands of children in Israel today, this is their world, they know nothing else.

How can they live a different way?
When they are parents how will they know how not to repeat the same behaviour with their own children?

This is the cycle we must break together.

Across Israel, Emunah runs more the 200 centres caring for 12,000 children and their families.

We have five children’s homes that care for 1,000 “at-risk” children.  Our high schools and family support and day care centres help vulnerable children learn how to achieve.  Our trauma counselling centres support individuals and families in dealing with intense and damaging situations.

Emunah’s expert staff work tirelessly to repair the damage of the past and ensure the children and families that rely on Emunah get a chance of a better life.  We show them love, educate them love, educate them, take care of their health and give them all the tools they need to start a new life with hope.

The graduates at our schools and homes prove that Emunah CAN break the cycle.  But we can only do this with your support.

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