In the last few days nearly 500 missiles were sent into southern Israel from Gaza. Tonight we learn that a ceasefire has been announced. For the thousands of children who have spent hours in bomb shelters terrified by the sounds of rockets overhead – this won’t mean an end to their fear. For the thousands of parents wondering if they will be able to venture out of the safe room tomorrow – this doesn’t mean an end to the anxiety.

At times like these, the local population in Sderot and surrounding towns turn to the Emunah Sarah Ronson Crisis and Therapy Centre in Sderot, for the expert and professional care and support they need. Our counsellors and therapists are trained to care for those suffering from PTSD, extreme anxiety and depression caused by the trauma of living with the threat of terror on a daily basis.

You can show your support for Israel and her people by making a donation today to help us to give immediate counselling for those traumatised by the recent increase in violence and to provide toys and activities to distract and amuse the children spending long hours in bomb shelters.

Donate online now by clicking here and selecting to make a one-off donation  Supporting Sderot and the South of Israel‘.

Emunah has specialist counsellors for the many children of Sderot who have never known a time in their lives when they weren’t living in fear – fear of terror tunnels, terrorists, stabbings, rockets, fire-kites, stones and projectiles. In recent days machine-gun fire struck homes in Sderot, one missile hit a stadium in Netivot and another landed in a kindergarten – thankfully before the children had arrived there for the day.
Emunah staff are working around the clock to ensure that the children and vulnerable adults of Sderot and the south receive the practical and emotional support that they need NOW.

Please remember that not all injuries can be seen immediately – Emunah is there at all times to help all those who desperately need us in Sderot and the south of Israel. We can only do this with your support.

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