Beit Rothschild Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre, Afula


This year British Emunah is committed to supporting a vital project in the Emunah Afula Children’s Home in Northern Israel, where ‘at risk children, some orphaned, some abused, all neglected, are given the help they need to literally save their lives. The project is the urgent renovation of the teenage boys’ dormitory. The building is more than 60 years old and has been home to hundreds of boys. The conditions the children are now living in are very basic and in urgent need of upgrading to meet modern standards. Just like our children, these children need a safe, nurturing, secure home environment with their own personal space, a bed, a desk to study at and a cupboard for their belongings, and bathroom facilities which afford appropriate privacy. We have managed
to obtain a matched funding pledge so every pound raised will be doubled.

With your help Emunah can provide these much needed facilities and living accommodation for the boys helping them to heal and to feel valued, just as we hope our own children do, so they can go on to a better future.

Find out why we need to transform this building for the children by watching this short video  click here

We cannot change the hurtful past for our children but with your help we can promise them a better future.


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