My sister Anna z"l was a great supporter of Emunah and participated in all the sponsored treks that were arranged around the UK.  After she sadly passed away at the age of 60, our father wanted to create a project in her name - and a year later the Anna Finchas Art Therapy Centre was opened at the Emunah children's home in Afula.  This was particularly appropriate as Anna herself had been an artist.

Visiting the home on a number of occasions and meeting many of the students, I saw for myself the wonderful work that Emunah does in supporting families in Israel.

For my 70th birthday in June, I am raising money for Emunah by following the "Couch to 5K" programme. By then I will have run at least 70 miles so please support me and the amazing work that Emunah does.  All monies raised will go to the Anna Finchas Art Therapy Centre.  In this way I am not only supporting this remarkable charity but I also feel that my darling sister is with me in celebrating a landmark birthday.

Many thanks


Alison Cohen