Eden’s Dance Wear Collection for Emunah

15 November 2018 | Head Office

Talented dancer Eden Rubin, 11, has collected hundreds of dance costumes, bags and shoes for Emunah, as part of her Bat Mitzvah project. She was inspired after meeting children and teenagers who are supported by the charity during Emunah’s Mother and Daughter Israel trip, accompanied by her mum Jamie.

Said Eden: “I just love to dance so the idea came about. I was clearing out my room to make space for my new uniform, dance clothes and gym kit and realised how lucky we all are and how much we can help others,” said Eden, who is a student at Hasmonean High School. “I want to help young dancers regardless of their family’s ability to pay for clothes that make them feel beautiful, and the dance education they deserve.”

Eden has created ‘StepUp & Dance’ – an off-shoot of her brother’s charity ‘StepUp’ in conjunction with Gift, and having collected dancewear for Emunah children’s homes and centres for disadvantaged and at-risk children in Israel, she now plans to do the same for other organisations world-wide.

Her mother, Jamie Rubin, added: “Thanks to Eden’s dance friends, school friends and acquaintances, there are so many beautiful things, and we are still collecting. People grow out of things so quickly, it seems such a waste. Some things haven’t been worn at all.”

The family belong to Ner Yisrael Synagogue, Hendon, where Eden will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah next month (December).

British Emunah Director Deborah Nathan said: “‘StepUp & Dance’ is a lovely Bat Mitzvah project and a novel way of helping others. It is gratifying to know that seeing is believing and that after visiting our projects people really do want to support Emunah. Wish we mazel tov to Eden and her family and thank them for their amazing help.”

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