Our Crowdfunding Campaign - It's not too late

On 31 October 2021, Emunah held its biggest ever online fundraising campaign, Invisible But Not Unseen, to raise £350,000 in just 36 hours. All money raised will help Emunah support thousands of vulnerable and ‘at-risk’ children and families across Israel. We are delighted to announce that we have so far reached 97% of our target and the money keeps rising each day.  It is not too late to still donate.  www.charityextra.com/britishemunah

In Memory Of Lord Rabbi Sacks z’l

Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’l was a great supporter of ours and regularly supported our events and appeals. He loved all types of music so much and the music therapy programme which he and his family set up is in his name. He visited two of our residential centres with the Shabbaton Choir several times. We are honoured to run this crowdfunder in his memory.

Invisible But Not Unseen

Across Israel thousands of children and families suffer from devastating socio-economic problems and many are at-risk and vulnerable. Though most of us never see this first-hand, Emunah absolutely sees the need every day, responding and acting to improve lives wherever and whenever it can. 

Many of the issues that Emunah help with – such as trauma, hunger, poverty, neglect, mental abuse, physical abuse, educational inequality – are often invisible. 

Emunah sees the potential in every person, helping to unlock hidden or repressed abilities and create opportunities that enable better lives and benefit wider Israeli society. 

Living in the UK, it is never going to be easy to see the poverty, neglect and emotional trauma that thousands of children in Israel experience every day, but just because we don’t often see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and isn’t a serious problem that requires our support 

Why Do We Need To Raise £350,000?

Not all injuries can be seen. Psychological damage may be invisible but it’s very real. 

Our centres all need more money for extra therapists and the many hours they need to provide for 10,000 at risk and vulnerable children and families in our care to help them heal. 

We need to continue to provide hot meals for the children who would otherwise go hungry. 

Our centres have a lot of footfall and the wear and tear of our centres needs upgrading as with any of our own homes  

Become a Crowdfunder Ambassador

For our campaign to be successful we need as many people as possible to see what we are doing and appreciate how their support is critical in ensuring that thousands of children and families can get the support they desperately need. 

To do this, we need YOU, our ambassadors, to spread the word and help us share the campaign message amongst their friends, families and networks. To join the team or to find out more, view our ambassador leaflet below.

Alternatively, please call 020 8203 6066 or email [email protected]

Support Our Campaign

Please help us make this the biggest fundraiser we have ever run. To make a donation and support our campaign, please go to https://www.charityextra.com/britishemunah