1. Will I be safe?

2. Will there be someone to care for me?

3. Why do I need to rely on Emunah to feed and care for me?

4. Will my family have enough food to eat?

Thanks to the care and support that we are able to provide to Emunah's at risk and vulnerable children and families the answer is always YES!

With Israel under lockdown, now more than ever Emunah's at risk and vulnerable children and families are relying on British Emunah's Food Fund and all other vital therapeutic services to carry on.  

Thanks to the dedication and pure love of all our Emunah staff, be it our teachers, therapists, counsellors, day care workers, residential staff, Emunah is ensuring that the children in our care continue to receive the provisions they need. They are going above and beyond the call of duty.  More therapists have been hired to help our vulnerable children and families as they struggle even more to cope with the situation.  Meals are still being prepared and everything is being done to try and get these meals to the children and families who need them most.  Computers are needed for those children who don't have access to them for online school.

This Pesach please continue your support so we can continue ours.