Emunah is there 24/7 to help with the therapy and counselling that is going to be sought after even more.  With your continued support YOU can make a difference.

As you will have heard more than 1,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza over the last 48 hours and is still continuing.  Sirens have been sounding across the nation for the past 48 hours and they are still continuing.  Rioting which has become reminiscent of historical pogroms have affected many towns and cities.  British Emunah needs your support NOW!

The psychological impact of even just one night of terror cannot be underestimated.  When the warning siren sounds, people have a as little as 15 seconds to find cover.  Some will make it to the shelters, others have no choice but to drop to the floor where they are, often using their own bodies as a shield to try and protect their children from harm.  it isn't safe to go to school or work and many are closed, even playing in the garden becomes something you have to think about letting your children do.

We must not forget that not all injuries can be seen.  Psychological damage may be invisible but is very real.

After over a year of battling the impact of Coronvirus, children and families are now facing an even greater crisis.  They have not known 'normal' life for so long - indeed many who have come to Emunah from places of neglect, abuse and trauma, have never known what most of us would consider to be 'normal'.

Not only are we operating an emergency support hotline 24/7 but many of our dedicated staff are making themselves available by directly to their clients.  Even under extreme stress themselves, caring for their own children in safe rooms at home and getting little or no sleep, our team are placing the needs of others first, providing emotional and psychological guidance as well as suggesting ideas for keeping children and family members calm and distracted whilst they are stuck in the shelters.

We remain vigilant and on-call throughout all our Centres but please in these desperate times Emunah calls on you for your most urgent and generous financial assistance to help those who are most vulnerable.  With the usually joyous celebration of Shavuot in just a few days time, our faith, Emunah, is there for the 10,000 at risk and vulnerable children and families in our care.