Every night Ruti* waits in fear of her father coming.  There isn't much food at home and her father screams if there isn't a meal ready.  He doesn't have a job and goes out drinking returning drunk and dangerous.  Ruti tries to keep away.  Ruti wants to hide her bruises but sometimes the marks on her face are so severe, she misses school.  She is scared....

When social services referred Ruti to Emunah, life began to improve.  Counselling and emotional support are helping her come to terms with her abusive past  She's learnt that her family experience was not "normal" and that children should be able to trust the adults in their lives.

Ruti gets extra help with school work and activities such as art therapy and sport which are helping her to heal.  Thanks to Emunah, Ruti and her siblings are in a safe place, and her mother is also getting the help she needs.

*Name and details have been changed

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