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31 August 2017 | Fundraising

A new year and a new life

This Rosh Hashanah, will you help Emunah provide life-changing support to vulnerable and ‘at-risk’ children? Please donate now.


Each and every day of the year, from the first to the last, Emunah cares for thousands of children across Israel.

One such child is Dina*, a bubbly and outgoing 12-year-old who became withdrawn and subdued, regularly playing truant and failing to hand in homework. Her teachers felt it was more than a normal pre-teen rebellion… and sadly, they were right. When pressed, Dina revealed that she was being sexually abused by an uncle but her parents had refused to believe her. She felt confused, frightened and alone.

The day Dina came to Emunah Children’s Centre in Afula, her new life began…

Police and social services intervened and Dina was placed in the Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre, a residential home and after-school facility for up to 160 children, aged between five and 18. This is one of the 37 centres and services in Israel that British Emunah supports.

It is a happy home where young people can thrive and rebuild their lives, despite their difficult backgrounds. Dina has counselling to help her recover from the trauma of abuse and staff support her in her darkest times. Dina battles with feelings of guilt and a lack of self-worth but she’s turned a corner.

Thanks to educational support she is catching up with her studies and she also enjoys therapeutic gardening – turning anger and despair into feelings of well-being and hope for the future.

Emunah relies on donations to provide its vital services so please give what you can this New Year to help children like Dina have a new and better life.

This is what your donation will do:

£30 helps to buy shoes and clothes for a child

£60 provides vital counselling for an abused child

£100 helps to provide meals for a child for a month

£300 provides therapeutic sports activities for a child for a year

£750 equips a child for school and provide specialist educational support

£1,200 helps a bereaved child to receive grief counselling for a year

£2,000 sponsors an ‘at risk’ child for a year in one of our residential homes

£5,000 sponsors the gardening therapy programme for a year in one of our homes

£10,000 sponsors the Education Support programme at Emunah Afula

£18,000 renovates a playground at a Day Care Centre

£20,000 refurbishes a dormitory room for three children in Emunah Afula

Thank you for your support.

*Dina is not her real name, but the case is true. Photo posed by model.

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