Highland Challenge No Washout for Our ladies

10 July 2017 | Fundraising, Head Office

British Emunah walker Sarah Tarzi with highland cowThe weather was the “main challenge” of British Emunah’s four-day sponsored hike of the picturesque Scottish Highlands in which 13 women took part and over £15,000 was raised. The trip took place from Monday 26 to Thursday 29 June (2017) and brought together participants from Bournemouth and Dublin as well as those from north west London. The bustling town of Callander was their base and each day the women set off for locations that included lochs and mountains with spectacular views and covering difficult terrain.

Participant Sarah Tarzi said: “I love hiking and climbing hills and I enjoyed being with people that I hadn’t met before. It was lovely, really nice. We got very wet when we arrived but this iwalkers drys Scotland – so I expected it! I was concerned about fundraising as I signed up late but people have been very generous and I hope to raise over £1500.”

Talking of the trip, Camille Compton, a British Emunah trustee and past chairman adds: “We got soaked through and had to buy new clothes – and nearly got blown off a mountain [Ben Ledi]. But there is always a real sense of achievement because I never forget why I am raising money for Emunah – it is all about the children.”

This was the first time that Amanda Lambiase has done a challenge for Emunah: “I was approached by Camille who persuaded me to come along. I like walking and being in the fresh air and I’d never been to Scotland so it was the right combination… The views were stunning despite the miserable weather.” A past visit to Emunah Afula added to Amanda’s motivation – “I have seen the kids and the home is amazing.”Camille Compton Bernice Gaon Amanda Lambiase on British Emunah Highland Hikde (3)

The participants of Emunah’s Scottish Highlands Challenge were Judith Charry, Emma Citron, Alison Cohen, Camille Compton, Marilyn Dexter, Bernice Gaon, Amanda Lambiase, Arlette Lauffer, Sandra Orelowitz, Anne Ozdamar, Elaine Sacks, Sarah Tarzi and Edith Ullman.

If you would like to take on a challenge for British Emunah or attend future events, please email Alison@emunah.org.uk or call 020 8203 6066.

(by Sue Rifkin)



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