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Emunah first-time runners and marathon ‘vets’ brave the heatwave

23 April 2018 | Fundraising, Head Office
First-time London marathon entrants Sarah Tarzi and Dan Brazil who ran for Emunah were excited and relieved to finish Sunday’s 40-kilometre race.

2018 Mother & Daughter Trip “Seeing is Believing”

26 February 2018 | Head Office
“Seeing is believing,” said British Emunah co vice-chair Sharon Dewinter who together with events executive Alison Cohen, led a Mother and

Esther Cailingold Bids Farewell to Miriam Sklar

05 January 2018 | Head Office
On Monday 25th December the Esther Cailingold Group held a special lunch at the home of Rivka Persoff to say farewell to one of its founder members

Ambassador Regev Toasts Emunah

13 November 2017 | Fundraising, Head Office, Israel
Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Mark Regev, gave lavish praise to Emunah when he made the loyal toast to the President of the State
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