Ambassador Regev Toasts Emunah

13 November 2017 | Fundraising, Head Office, Israel

Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Mark Regev, gave lavish praise to Emunah when he made the loyal toast to the President of the State of Israel at the British Emunah Gala Dinner. He cited the efforts of the UK leaders including British Emunah Chairman Rosalyn Liss and Dinner Chair Michelle Plainer.

“Emunah is helping to make Israel a better place”
Ambassador Regev

“I am also toasting Emunah for the work that you have done over the decades, for the work that you are doing today, and the work that you will continue to do tomorrow. “You are helping to make Israel a better place and you are helping to make Israeli society just a little bit healthier; and you are helping those weaker elements in society, so that they can also live the Israeli dream. For that, I thank each and every one of you.”

He made a connection between the Balfour Declaration centenary and Emunah, saying that while Balfour was a crucial landmark on the path to Jewish Statehood and independence, and important in diplomacy; Emunah had helped “to build up Israel internally, creating a just and fair society, dealing with our weakest parts of our population.”

Ambassador Regev continued: “Who was established in 1933, to deal with children and other refugees from Nazi Germany, Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia? It was Emunah. Who was there in Israel in 1949 to help children and women and families in distress, who needed support? Emunah has been with the State of Israel from the very beginning – dealing with and helping those in need, supporting children, women, supporting families, doing the day-to-day work on the ground that was necessary to help make Israel the success it is today.”

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